Family Law

When you face legal issues that revolve around your family, the emotional toll can be far more difficult than the legalities of the situation itself. The impact of a divorce, a child custody, or a child support arrangement affects the rest of your life, as well as those of your children. That’s why it’s essential to find an attorney who understands that family legal matters are about more than just what happens during negotiations or in the courtroom.

Mary Jo Bach Burton, Attorney at Law brings her nurse’s heart to lawyering. She serves clients facing family legal disputes throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support in Massachusetts

The most difficult family legal issue many people will ever go through is the splitting up of their family. Divorce is difficult enough for both parties, but it is even more difficult when there are children involved, and parents must decide the best course of action to ensure their children are cared for and provided for in the best possible way.

When it comes to divorce, child custody and child support, the more decisions you can make with your ex-partner before you reach the courtroom, the easier the process will be. Attorney Burton will represent you during this period of negotiation, trying to help you come to an agreement with your former spouse that is acceptable to both parties, and good for your children, while fighting for your rights and interests as an individual and as a parent.

Other Areas of Family Law

While divorce and child custody represent the bulk of what bring families into family court, they are far from the only family matters which require legal intervention. If you want to add to your family through adoption, seek alimony, or need to prove paternity of a child through court-ordered testing, Attorney Burton can help you navigate the legal procedures involved.

Massachusetts Family Law Attorney

While no family law matter is ever simple, or easy, working with an attorney with ample experience, who understands both the personal and the legal impact of family legal issues can make a world of difference while you are going through this difficult time in your life. With 23 year’s experience in family law, Attorney Burton will provide you experienced, respectful and compassionate counsel in your family legal matter so that you can get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible and move onto the next chapter in your life.