Massachusetts Family Attorney
Mary Jo Bach Burton

Family law issues and other legal matters can be rife with strong emotions, because resources and relationships are at stake. Without a lawyer skilled in strategy and negotiation by your side, divorce, child support and visitation, and other family law matters can quickly escalate into a nightmare.

Knowledgeable Family Lawyer in Massachusetts

At the Law Office of Mary Jo Bach Burton, we focus on helping our clients reach resolution on difficult family law issues including:

  • Dissolution for high-asset couples
  • Family law matters involving children
  • Other divorce or family law matters
  • Domestic violence concerns

We are dedicated to offering you the best legal representation possible during difficult financial and personal decisions that arise from separation, divorce, visitation, alimony, child custody, paternity, property division and other related matters. We will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected.

Financial Issues in Divorce

Financial issues in divorce can take a substantial amount of time, especially if the divorce is contentious. Attorney Burton has significant experience and familiarity in high net worth dissolution, and she works closely with other professionals to value closely-held businesses or other private investments with the purpose towards fairly structuring property settlements. She will work hard at determining the true income or economic benefit an individual receives from privately-held assets for the purpose of determining support. In addition, she will assist with guiding you in locating and tracing marital income and assets. Other financial issues surround the enforceability of pre- and post-marital agreements and whether litigation is necessary. She takes a cost-effective, practical approach to reaching resolution in complex financial matters.

Post-Divorce Financial Matters

Our law office will also help with implementation and enforcement of earlier agreements and judgments, or help with defending against or seeking modification of child support or alimony.

Child Custody Issues

We offer advice and counsel to our clients on designing an appropriate Parenting Plan. In addition, we have experience in litigating all aspects surrounding child custody including abuse, legal and physical custody, parental competency, neglect, substance abuse and fitness, special needs issues, paternity, relocation and removal, termination of parental rights, adoption, and jurisdictional issues.

Pre, Post, Separation, and Non-Marital Agreements

We can negotiate and draft pre- and post-marital agreements, non-marital agreements (co-habitation), in addition to separation agreements if the couple anticipates divorce. Moreover, we can litigate the enforceability of these types of agreements.

Mediation or ADR

Many times, the couple can come to resolution without litigation, and we excel in advising clients on alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and conciliation.

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